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Welcome to Upon Reflection. This site provides information on ancient symbols, symbol alphabets and symbolism.

At present information is available for the main categories of Hieroglyphics, Runes, Ogham, I Ching and Chakras. In time we are hoping to expand the site with Animal Symbolism, Dream Dictionaries, Cuneiform Writing, Pictish and Celtic Symbols and world mythologies.

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Egyptian Hieroglyphic Symbols Runic Runes Symbols
Egyptian Hieroglyphic Symbols Runic Rune Symbols
The hieroglyphics site covers:
  • Egyptian Alphabet Symbols
  • Hieroglyphic Words
  • King and Queen Hieroglyphics
  • Gods and Goddesses Hieroglyphics
  • Egyptian Numbers and Calendar
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The Runes site covers:
  • Rune Alphabet Symbols
  • Anglosaxon, Germanic, Viking Runes
  • Runic Associations
  • Runic Divination & Encryption
  • Free Rune Oracle
  • Hungarian Runes recently added
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Celtic Ogham Alphabet I Ching Chinese Symbols
Celtic Ogham Alphabet IChing Chinese Symbols
The Ogham site covers:
  • Finger Ogham, Stave Ogham, Branch Ogham
  • The Celtic Alphabet
  • The Celts and Druids
  • Meanings of Flowers & Trees
  • Ogham Standing Stones Examples
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The I Ching site covers:
  • I Ching Symbols
  • I Ching Background
  • I Ching Divination Techniques
  • Trigrams and Hexagrams
  • Free I Ching Oracle

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Chakras Colour Associations Upon Reflection Blog
Chakras Colour Associations Upon Reflection Blog
The Chakras site covers:
  • Meditation Techniques
  • The Chakras
  • Colour Associations
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The Blog covers:
  • Book & Product reviews
  • Global News & Events
  • and other whacky things...
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